Red Shift Studios specializes in original composition for media. We employ world-class samples, live musicians and co-writing services, resulting in a unique blend of technology and collaboration. With delivery in multiple formats and methods, we are always within reach, whether your across town or across the world.

Based in Calgary, Canada, our audio production expertise enables us to fill a critical niche across all media formats including video games, television, mobile and interactive entertainment. ArrowListen to our samples

  • 08.01.10

    Pleased to announce I will be joining the team at Six Degrees Music. Watch for updates in the coming months...


    Summerstock's rendition of Guys and Dolls goes up tonight at Olympic Plaza


    World Cup is complete. Video will be up on our Vimeo and Facebook page later this summer.


    With the World Cup opening complete, I am moving on to the Voices of Africa vignettes, designed to bring a cultural and historic perspective to South Africa.


    VW microsite


    Completed 4 TV spots with Six Degrees for VW. Microsite will be up soon...


    Work is under way with ESPN on the opening segment for the 2010 FIFA World Cup

  • 2009 AMPIA - Best Original Dramatic Score
    "In Translation"

  • Nvidia

    Delta Airlines

    ESPN – Monday Night Football


    Infinity | M Class

    Newsweek Online

    NG Moco

    Industry Images


    20th Century Fox

    A2M / Activision



About Alec

About Alec

Alec Harrison is an award-winning composer for film, television, documentaries and video games. He has worked on productions locally, nationally and internationally. His music has appeared in productions appearing on TLC, Discovery, Discovery Health, Outdoor Life Network, History Television, W Network, TSN, ESPN, Slice and many more. In 2005 saw the inception of Red Shift Studios, which has been the launch pad for Alec into the video game industry. With over 10 years of experience working both independently and collaborating with other composers, Alec has worked in many musical styles and genres. He employs an arsenal of cutting-edge software and equipment, understands critical deadlines and is passionate to work with large companies and independent directors and producers alike.

Collaborating with other composers has been an excellent avenue of experience and education. Alec has worked with Bruce Leitl of Six Degrees Music through most of most of his career and continues to share in the creative process on various projects.

Alec lives in Calgary with his wife Annalisa, their two awesome kids and their bi-polar cat, Cleo.

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  • * Produced with Tom Salta (Persist Music)
  • ** Produced with Bruce Leitl (Six Degrees Music)
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